Success Story

Helping Vulnerable Adults

Ben is an 18-year-old with autism and severe behavioral issues. Against his parents’ wishes, he was placed in a residential facility outside of their home state of New Jersey. As Ben’s special needs escalated, it appeared the family’s only option was to relocate Ben to a state institution. Ben’s parents felt helpless and frantic.

JANUS Solutions facilitated the creation of a program that helped Ben and other young adults like him. When a long-time non-profit client of JANUS was looking to branch out into providing services for vulnerable adults, the JANUS team helped the organization conceptualize their approach, secure a contract and launch their business in New Jersey.

Ben’s parent’s contacted the non-profit provider and that organization allowed them to bring Ben home, arranged for intensive in-home treatment, counseling and day-to-day services, such as transportation for Ben’s parents. While Ben still has serious behavioral issues and needs, he and his parents now have a strong advocate through the program and are together exploring various long-term care and living options for Ben as his parents grow older.