Workforce Development and Financial Independence

Getting a job and holding onto it isn’t easy, particularly for people with significant barriers to employment.

At JANUS Solutions, we work with organizations to help people find and maintain employment that

provides them dignity and liveable wages. We are experts at developing effective strategies to connect people who need jobs with people who need workers, and securing funding for the effort.

Our Consultants Can Help You:

  • Design a program that suits your community and your goals
  • Build the partnerships you need to succeed
  • Develop a funding plan to underwrite your efforts
  • Manage your program
  • Develop a quality assurance process to document and measure your success

Workforce Development Success Stories

JANUS Solutions spearheaded a welfare-to-work program for a large urban county and its major city that has the highest participation rate in New Jersey. We developed collaborative funding streams, designed and implemented programs, we continue to provide government relations services to the effort at all levels and to oversee strategy assessment and reporting.

In Hudson County, New Jersey, we helped the county develop a Re-entry Task Force and Strategic Plan to address the high level of recidivism at the county jail. This strategy has raised over one million dollars dedicated to providing services and supports for inmates re-entering their communities after incarceration. In preventing reincarceration, such efforts benefit not only the individuals served, but the community as a whole, saving money while improving lives.